legendary disease

In Paediatric class, our teacher love to quizzes us.

the favorite question is about the diagnosis of rare disease in children in Europe. (they love this disease since ,it’s rare)

Teacher: What is the disease, where the children have redness, rashes all over body.

Malaysian student: …

Teacher: the children have vasculitis, especially in coronary heart artery.

Malaysian student: (seems to know the answer, but can’t recall the name)

Teacher: the name of the disease comes from Japan, the one who produces motorcycle.

Malaysian Student: (with confident) YAMAHA!

Thus, birth of the legendary Yamaha Disease, which has been told to the whole Paediatric deparment in Hradec.

The answer: Kawasaki Disease.


3 thoughts on “legendary disease

  1. salam 🙂
    so cute! hehe. ckin ke tu? *biarlah rahsie*
    lama sungguh tak jumpa awak kan. awak take care taw.

  2. Kak Rusna! XD hehe…agakla…da lama gile xjpe. hihi…

    o yg “malaysian student” tu, sy sndri tak tau sape, lol. sbb cikgu suke crite mende ni kat every group yg die jpe, tu yg widespread tu. XD

    btw, kak rusna pun take care ek~ hehe…

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