Assallamualaikum and greetings folks!

it’s December of 2016 and in few more days we are going to 2017!

summary of what i have been doing to my blog within 2016

  1. log in to blog every 3monthly basis
  2. hoarding drafts, dunno when its going to be published
  3. occasionally post something. occasionally.
  4. keep on giving blank stare to dashboard , not even bother to type in the drafts despite having loads of things to spit out from my haywire brain. haiyooo…
  5. as usual, on december/ january i will post something that sounds ” i promise to post more thing in the blog, lets go with 3monthly basis, no… lets go monthly, eh try challenge myself lorh, lets go with weekly…” meh…*sob sob*


my 2016 so far had been eventful, merry, sorrow at times…but am glad to be given opportunity to live at the moment, Alhamdulillah…

may Allah bless the future, and let me become even better person as i was. Ameen…


lets do better next year yok!


Happy new year!!!



2 thoughts on “December!

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