updated (25.Oct.2009)

i am a nice 19 year old girl who will be 20 next year 20 year old girl (?) now.

everyone knows dat…

ok, so i’m currently studying at Charles University of Prague- Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Kralove in Medicine course for the coming 5-6 years. previously studying at MARA College Banting, taking ITGS as elective subjects for IB diploma (international baccalaureatte – yeay! i still able to spell it ‘baccalaureatte’ right!) .

updated (17.January.2011)

i’m currently, striving to be the best, doing the best, in my life! And i want to stay true to oneself and God! no more playing “hide and seek”, no more speculation, stay clear, and stand on my own feet! (i’m trying, ok?). Say no where necessary! Say yes when needed! and always…smile~

updated (30.January.2013)

Am a 5th year student of medicine, still hanging in real life. Life getting tougher as years goes by, well not really life, but my studies. Am still missing out whats happening in reality, I don’t know the current hype in technology, social network, how everybody out there doing, etc. That’s given, being here, in isolated city and all. XP
but am okay with it, and still enjoying my every minute of life that Allah has given.
the only thing is, for me to  really appreciate my time here, to make full use of it, so that I can be proud and won’t regret it in afterlife, insya-Allah.

May our time granted by Lord are full with barakah. Ameen.

updated (14.09.2014)

Alhamdulillah. Thanks to our gracious Lord, on 3rd of September, I finally obtained title MuDr in front my name, after 6 years of studies. Currently unemployed. Worrying about the future ‘s workload. But still enjoying the little time I had now.

updated (20.02.2015)

All praise to Allah, I’ll be starting my life as a houseman at Hospital Sultanah Aminah, JB in March. Am currently filled with anticipation, anxiety of what the future will bring me. I expect, from today onward, something, anything will change to me. May Allah bless the path that I tread upon.

updated (06.08.2016)

Alhamdulillah. All praise to Allah,  that am still alive, still functioning as human, though I dont think I’m doing perfectly a good job as khalifa. *sobs*
Currently in 5th posting of my housemanship, and this current posting is awesome and enjoying it much! Love paeds! Still undecided to which path should I take after this. Paediatrics? Pathology? Ofthalmology? ENT? or MO, but being at the best at that.

Also still wondering about my private life. Should i go for a new, whole different experience of being together or enjoying single life as much as I can? hurm.

I pray to Allah that He will show me the best for me.

updated (21/7/2017)

Alhamdulillah ‘ala kulli hal. currently I’m situated in Hosp Sultanah Nur Zahirah, Kuala Terengganu since early July this year. Will be staying in Neurosurgery Unit, HSNZ insyaAllah. The start of my mo-ship year is just started!

regarding my social life. nothing to said much really. still single. approached, but undecided. tak sampai seru lagi.

May Allah guide me through this path, Ameen…