Welcoming 2015


With this, I excitedly welcoming 2015! (it’s still January, so it’s still valid to celebrate!)

Means, another year added to the age.  Oh well…

2015…I’m expecting this year will be ‘big’. It’ll be a ‘big’ transition phase in my life, from carefree leisure student life into a working adult. It’s a big deal for me, as I’ve been student for 19+ years, and know nothing but only study.

Not only that, I started to have concern over my money management, the investment, the loan, car, house, insurance..I got overwhelmed how much money means in our life, that I felt bit intimidated with money talk. While doing some part time over the net, and selling some stuff, I know how hard it is to make money, and started to appreciate the hard earned money. Fuuh…hoping I’ll be good with my money.

Enough with money talk. Alhamdulillah, this month has been good to me. The placement for housemanship is out, and I will be soon working at Hospital Sultanah Aminah, Johor, starting early March, insyaAllah. And…and…I finally, get my licence for car! yeay! Awesome! Finally, I can rocking out the town with my dad’s old car (which soon will be mine! save money, GET!) buahahaha!!!

My mission this year

– hopefully I breeze through the housemanship period.

– in hunt of the fated one. lol. (it’s not really a lol though, huhu)

With this, I end the entry with recap of 2014. 🙂

Recap 2014

  • January – Mid August

– studying all day long for months. Tipu la kan…lol. ade je pi maen, pi hoohaa mane2 nta.

– State exams. State exams everywhere…

  • Mid August – September

– back Malaysia for puasa and Raya

– motor license, GET ! woot woot. *ley rempit legally!*

  • October – November – December

– back to CZ for final paper…and Alhamdulillah! Now entitled MuDr in front of my name. All praised to Allah! (and thank you for your prayer guys. *sob sob*)

– back for good. officially unemployed. smooching off my parents.

– Ija’s wedding-cum-reunion!!! Finally!!! (2610)

– to the beach with the dearest!!! weee~ the beach…the sea~ how I miss to play with water for yearrrssss…tanx Aina for finding the place to have fun. Actually…thanks for everything u’ve done to me. U means a lot! XD

– it’s a sick month. All my family member got sick in a month (November-December), Everyone taking turn after one another. After my dad for a week, it’s my mum, then a week after my sis, and the last one is me…

– the happy news is, I got called for SPA the interview (8 Dec), though, I had to gulping down the antitussis drug like there’s no tomorrow. My best friend at that time is the strepsils.  Oh, again I smooching off from Aina. Ahaks! XP





Setelah 7 bulan berlalu dari post yang terakhir, akhirnya, daku kembali semula ke persada penulisan…acece…

tapi percayalah, dalam 7 bulan ni, sebenarnya, rajin je tangan ni menaip, tapi tak pernah publish. dok tersorok jadi draft. So skarang bila go through draft2 tu, rasa macam tak faham, apa ke motifnye me menaip waktu tu. Spatutnya publish je time tu, lantak la best ke tak artikel yg ditulis tu…dah menyesal…aiyoo….

tapi xpa, sejak da free ni, insyaAllah la try nak keep update this blog. ngee…
Anyway folks, welcome me!


p/s: now that i’m back to writing, I’m contemplating, should I self-hosting?i wonder if it’s worth it… :S
18$/year…share your thought!

Monday Random Talk: Branding

Throughout 6 year I’m at CZ, I always bought the cheapest item for daily use. Being a student and stuff. Tho I do sometimes spend money mindlessly.

One example is that, I always bought cheapest toothpaste available in market. The brand is either Odol, or sometimes Signal, slightly cheaper than Odol when they are on sale, but when not, it’s relatively not cheaper than Odol. Those 2 brands had always been my choice for toothpaste, especially the “White” formulation. As I’m quite concerned with the whiteness of my teeth. Given the fact that I consumed tea for at least 2 cup daily. I want my teeth to be sparkling white that can be seen from a far.

Anyhoo, last few month, I run out of toothpaste, and need to stock up. I was being bit frisky with money at that time, so I choose a toothpaste with 3-4 times more expensive than I normally used. Sensodyne. I bet everyone can recognise this brand. Of course, I choose the formulation for teeth whitening.

Usually with tootpaste, to see the result…can be seen within few days, if not week. And I had to say…surprisingly very…very…dissappointed.

I dont change my routine much, i still brush my teeth as frequent I usually did, and my tea intake is still the same. But…I can see that my teeth hasn’t reach the white level that, usually can be achieved with cheaper brand. It does it job as a toothpaste does, cleaning, but as for whitening part, i was dissapointed. Plus, i can even see the stain from consuming the tea…

It baffle me. because Sensodyne is a brand that known worldwide, while Signal and Odol is…well, not known in Malaysia. I’m expecting more from this brand, being expensive and good review from costumer.

Never ever ridicule the chepo brand!




Am in the middle of self loathing. And I want to scream out of my lungs due to embarrassment right now.

today I order for pizza takeout, as I bit lazy to cook for myself.

and I prepared the exact amount that I supposed to pay.

the pizza delivery man came.

and i give him the money. the exact amount. until, one of the coin drop, and roll away from me, and goes under the car. me and the delivery man “chased” the coin, but  fails.

I was shocked, and want to get back into my house to take the money from my wallet, but the delivery man just say it’s ok.

so i stop in my track. and apologized.

that man is cool.

i should have get back to my apartment to get back my money.

even though it’s only 1Czk.

the man might be ok, but am not.

till now, i’m still self loathing.

in the future, if its happens again, i should get back to get my wallet. more like, i should have my wallet with me.


so embarrassing. and i feel bad for the man. 😦

side note:

for 6 year I’m here in CZ, there had been several occasion when the CZ people pay for me. when I don’t have small money with me, and when the cashier don’t have small money to pay me either, so the person behind me pay for me. Can’t thank you enough.

I really pray for those who treat me, however small the price is, I wish you guys have better day, and life, and wish that someday Allah give you guys Hidayah. insyaAllah.


interesting trend

as we reach adulthood, it just means we “gear up” our live.

so…for my current generation right now, it’s either getting engaged, married or have kids.

most of my generation already working and getting paid, only some of us still in education’s field and unemployed.

that being said, I frequently got invitation to wedding event via FB.

and here I see the trend.

I personally find that most of the invitation that I got is from the bride, be it a close friend, or acquaintance, invitation still sent.

but, it differ with boys.

suddenly their wedding picture pop on the wall.

i can say this, because i have not one, but quite a number of male friend who just suddenly get married. lol, it sound weird, but what I meant is, I only know that they are married because of their wedding picture, and furthermore, they are actually “tagged” by other people’s pic, it’s not their own picture.

which i find interesting.

because if it’s the girl, u know that they will get married because of the invitation, their fancy status etc. but with the boys…u won’t know unless someone post the pic about them.

i really find this interesting.




now, this is weird.

for more than a week, I never set my foot outside my apartment. I rarely open my room’s window, unless I get really stuffy inside my room.

so..what’s with this allergy-like reaction?

I thought I got flu. because my throat feel parched, despite gulping lemon-honey drink, I even drink green tea as opposed my usual black tea.

I got runny nose occasionally, and sneeze is part of it.

but my eyes, had been so itchy, watery and red. My eyes become even more sepet that it should be, and a bit swollen. these part is unusual for me.

need to check back what I ate, drank, and wear….

am positive there had been something. oh well, hope it’ll get better.



Monday Random Talk: Smartphone


All member in my family have smartphone, except my dad.

the reason being: it’s too big to stuff inside the pocket. does not look cool. it’ll stick out.

So, I’m in hunt in looking for screentouch smartphone that small enough to fit into his trouser’s pocket. giving suggestions that might interest him, but…my dad is bit picky bout his gadget. even if iPhone, blackberry, and some nokia, samsung phone can barely fit his pocket, he doesn’t seem interested in buying one.

He told me, “there’s no need of rushing getting one, as the one he have now is in quite good condition,”. And sees no point of having one, as, if it’s for work, he already had laptop and dslr camera with him everywhere he go. so yeah, the phone is really just for communication.

hearing that, made me think of “need vs want”. where all his needs already satisfied, there’s no actually the need of buying one. if my dad happens to buy one, then it’ll be the desire not the need. so here, the “need” wins!

as long he’s happy.


  • kene muhasabah diri untuk berfikir panjang sebelum membuat keputusan untuk menghabiskan duit seperti air.
  • baru-baru ni ade member naikkan issue pasal claim duit buku MARA tak masuk lagi, dan persoalannya perlukah kita menuntut duit buku tu. Kemudian sahabat saya menyatakan bahawa duit buku tu tak termasuk dalam final year, jadi kalau kita claim duit buku tu pun, kita akan dapat duit tu, tapi akan dimasukkan dalam surat hutang itu. Terima kasih sahabat kerana memberi pencerahan pasal ini. Sebab saya tak tahu pasal ini, kalau tak, saya pun ikut join claim duit buku tu. huhu…takpe la susah sekarang. ngee…

edited 28/3/14 : apparently duit buku yg akan diclaim ni adalah part of contract, so there should be no additional charge, or so, what I was informed. thanks Lina for enlightment!