Am in the middle of self loathing. And I want to scream out of my lungs due to embarrassment right now.

today I order for pizza takeout, as I bit lazy to cook for myself.

and I prepared the exact amount that I supposed to pay.

the pizza delivery man came.

and i give him the money. the exact amount. until, one of the coin drop, and roll away from me, and goes under the car. me and the delivery man “chased” the coin, but  fails.

I was shocked, and want to get back into my house to take the money from my wallet, but the delivery man just say it’s ok.

so i stop in my track. and apologized.

that man is cool.

i should have get back to my apartment to get back my money.

even though it’s only 1Czk.

the man might be ok, but am not.

till now, i’m still self loathing.

in the future, if its happens again, i should get back to get my wallet. more like, i should have my wallet with me.


so embarrassing. and i feel bad for the man. 😦

side note:

for 6 year I’m here in CZ, there had been several occasion when the CZ people pay for me. when I don’t have small money with me, and when the cashier don’t have small money to pay me either, so the person behind me pay for me. Can’t thank you enough.

I really pray for those who treat me, however small the price is, I wish you guys have better day, and life, and wish that someday Allah give you guys Hidayah. insyaAllah.