Monday Random Talk: Phone Issue


I never try to make myself a habit of always holding phone wherever I go. Had been like that since I had my own phone. I feel “restricting” when I hold the phone. So I always missed all the phone call (I even missed the SPA call twice! actually…make it thrice…huhu, lucky me, that guy call me back and did not give up on me…ngee) , messages and whatsapps. Though, I do follow up back whenever I check back my phone.

It never been so severe ,until when I last upgrade the latest android’s update. My phone started to died randomly, or even when I haven’t use the phone as much, it’ll turn itself off. It frustrates me, so I had to do hard reset – to which I lost all data, picture and phone number! even with backup, not all are saved. Boo boo..

Usually it’ll resolve after the extreme measurement were taken…but not this time…I had to do it few times of hard reset, but the problems still exists. I figure it either be the incompatibility of the latest update with my phone hardware, or the problem with the hardware itself.

Thus, I switch to my other phone, Lenovo. Actually it’s my family’s. However, the thing with Lenovo is…it fails to keep the wifi on even on sleep, despite turning on the option Been googling the issue, but still fails. I only able to receive the whatsapp messages when I hold, and using the handset, then the wifi connects and thus the messages come in.

Hence, I ignored both the phone, my beloved samsung SIII and lenovo. It reach to the point, where I only realize their battery already dead after few days. However, after few weeks, I return to my beloved, and keep using it, as I really love the phone. The problem still exists, but less frequent than it used to. I bet it was the battery. Time to replace to the new battery. I don’t want to buy another phone. It’ll give new, unnecessary stress.

Despite all the problem my phone have, I still living my life, carefree, leisurely.

Though, I found myself latched on the laptop all the time. It has been like that…since I got my own laptop. It’s a habit I can’t rid of. I tried to stay away from it, but fails.

However, I have to remind you. Me, on the laptop, does not mean I Facebook all the time. I only open the facebook, like twice a day, in morning and before I went to bed. Aside that, I mostly watch anime, reading manga, some youtube video, and some other time, to make money online.

Now, just few days ago, whatsapp finally launch it’s version on the web.[]  Means, I can whatsapp via laptop now. Which makes me neglect my phone evenmore, but  I can still keep connect with people, without having to reach out for my phone. 🙂

So…yup…this post is intended to clarify myself as of why I haven’t been on whatsapps, returns call and messages as of the late.

Thank you for your time reading this rambling of mine. 🙂