Monday Random Talk: Phone Issue


I never try to make myself a habit of always holding phone wherever I go. Had been like that since I had my own phone. I feel “restricting” when I hold the phone. So I always missed all the phone call (I even missed the SPA call twice! actually…make it thrice…huhu, lucky me, that guy call me back and did not give up on me…ngee) , messages and whatsapps. Though, I do follow up back whenever I check back my phone.

It never been so severe ,until when I last upgrade the latest android’s update. My phone started to died randomly, or even when I haven’t use the phone as much, it’ll turn itself off. It frustrates me, so I had to do hard reset – to which I lost all data, picture and phone number! even with backup, not all are saved. Boo boo..

Usually it’ll resolve after the extreme measurement were taken…but not this time…I had to do it few times of hard reset, but the problems still exists. I figure it either be the incompatibility of the latest update with my phone hardware, or the problem with the hardware itself.

Thus, I switch to my other phone, Lenovo. Actually it’s my family’s. However, the thing with Lenovo is…it fails to keep the wifi on even on sleep, despite turning on the option Been googling the issue, but still fails. I only able to receive the whatsapp messages when I hold, and using the handset, then the wifi connects and thus the messages come in.

Hence, I ignored both the phone, my beloved samsung SIII and lenovo. It reach to the point, where I only realize their battery already dead after few days. However, after few weeks, I return to my beloved, and keep using it, as I really love the phone. The problem still exists, but less frequent than it used to. I bet it was the battery. Time to replace to the new battery. I don’t want to buy another phone. It’ll give new, unnecessary stress.

Despite all the problem my phone have, I still living my life, carefree, leisurely.

Though, I found myself latched on the laptop all the time. It has been like that…since I got my own laptop. It’s a habit I can’t rid of. I tried to stay away from it, but fails.

However, I have to remind you. Me, on the laptop, does not mean I Facebook all the time. I only open the facebook, like twice a day, in morning and before I went to bed. Aside that, I mostly watch anime, reading manga, some youtube video, and some other time, to make money online.

Now, just few days ago, whatsapp finally launch it’s version on the web.[]  Means, I can whatsapp via laptop now. Which makes me neglect my phone evenmore, but  I can still keep connect with people, without having to reach out for my phone. 🙂

So…yup…this post is intended to clarify myself as of why I haven’t been on whatsapps, returns call and messages as of the late.

Thank you for your time reading this rambling of mine. 🙂




Setelah 7 bulan berlalu dari post yang terakhir, akhirnya, daku kembali semula ke persada penulisan…acece…

tapi percayalah, dalam 7 bulan ni, sebenarnya, rajin je tangan ni menaip, tapi tak pernah publish. dok tersorok jadi draft. So skarang bila go through draft2 tu, rasa macam tak faham, apa ke motifnye me menaip waktu tu. Spatutnya publish je time tu, lantak la best ke tak artikel yg ditulis tu…dah menyesal…aiyoo….

tapi xpa, sejak da free ni, insyaAllah la try nak keep update this blog. ngee…
Anyway folks, welcome me!


p/s: now that i’m back to writing, I’m contemplating, should I self-hosting?i wonder if it’s worth it… :S
18$/year…share your thought!

Monday Random Talk: Branding

Throughout 6 year I’m at CZ, I always bought the cheapest item for daily use. Being a student and stuff. Tho I do sometimes spend money mindlessly.

One example is that, I always bought cheapest toothpaste available in market. The brand is either Odol, or sometimes Signal, slightly cheaper than Odol when they are on sale, but when not, it’s relatively not cheaper than Odol. Those 2 brands had always been my choice for toothpaste, especially the “White” formulation. As I’m quite concerned with the whiteness of my teeth. Given the fact that I consumed tea for at least 2 cup daily. I want my teeth to be sparkling white that can be seen from a far.

Anyhoo, last few month, I run out of toothpaste, and need to stock up. I was being bit frisky with money at that time, so I choose a toothpaste with 3-4 times more expensive than I normally used. Sensodyne. I bet everyone can recognise this brand. Of course, I choose the formulation for teeth whitening.

Usually with tootpaste, to see the result…can be seen within few days, if not week. And I had to say…surprisingly very…very…dissappointed.

I dont change my routine much, i still brush my teeth as frequent I usually did, and my tea intake is still the same. But…I can see that my teeth hasn’t reach the white level that, usually can be achieved with cheaper brand. It does it job as a toothpaste does, cleaning, but as for whitening part, i was dissapointed. Plus, i can even see the stain from consuming the tea…

It baffle me. because Sensodyne is a brand that known worldwide, while Signal and Odol is…well, not known in Malaysia. I’m expecting more from this brand, being expensive and good review from costumer.

Never ever ridicule the chepo brand!



Monday Random Talk : Curry Chic


As I watch the Korean variety show, “Dad, Where Are You Going?”, happens in one episode when one of dad, Hoo’s appa cook curry fried chicken.

It makes me craves one. Not the usual normal crispy fried chicken.

But the crispy CURRY fried chicken.

It makes me wonder how it’s taste.

So I make some.

Alhamdullilah! Delish! Awesome!!! *pat oneself*

I’m hooked, ever since.


For your eye candy. Enjoy~

Monday Random Talk: temperamental


I forgot how I was for these past few years.

Nowadays, I have little contact with real people in real life, meeting face to face can be easily count with fingers (on social basis, excluding the practical class that I have, which is nowadays…not daily as it was).

So, basically, with less interaction with real people, I somehow never got into conflict, or crisis. My “life” just evolve around the books, and laptop. If i see something I don’t like on the social media, I just scroll past them, so..I never got myself into crisis that way. I thought myself as a not-easy-to-anger kind of person. But it’s all a lie. Blinded by the fact that I have low contact with real people nowadays.

Now that I think back, throughout my life (not that long though), where I have contact with real life the most…I am a very quick tempered person.

I remembered going into argument once with other students who don’t follow the rules. just once, I think? it must be something ridiculous, because , I am not a good prefect as I should. I did quite often rebel against the school, i.e comics, cassette player, stay in dorm when it’s prep time, oh well…so sometimes, outside the inspection, whenever I found those “illegal” article, I just let them be, because I did the same too. 

I also easily sulk, when I’m upset. Sometimes, out of nowhere, or even minuscule ridiculous  things can make me upset, and when I’m upset, I stay in silence, it’s hard to tell others what I felt about it. I thought that, with silence, I hope I won’t blurt out not-pretty-words, so I stay in silence. But I’m glad that I have friends, that told me, sometimes I have to tell them what’s wrong, if there’s anything wrong, because in that way, the issue can be resolved or they won’t know. So from there on, I learnt that sometimes you had to voice out what you thought. I’m really thankful for their words, because I won’t know if they don’t tell me.

Sometimes, if I don’t like or feel bad about something, I turn blind eyes for it. I love to run away from something I don’t like, ends up with me doing something that I like, but also only to deepen the unresolved issues at hand. But, if there’s no issue from me running away from the “bad” situation, I know that, I’m glad that I run away from it, because I can grasp my happiness with my own hand.

I can be sensitive whenever I feel wronged. I have the urge to be defensive about it. but, if i feel wronged and needs to be corrected, I tried to address the issue. But it’s hard, as I may blow my fuse while I talk. And that’s not cute. At all. 

Anyway, I know, I need anger management issue. Need to control myself. Islam have it’s own way for the management, and I should perform it by heart. 

Also, I need to get into social life as often I should be. What’s that term? Exposure therapy? So that, I got into society, and being exposed into crisis (as sometimes, you can’t avoid crisis), and learnt from there, how to manage the issue. Now, the question is, when it’ll be?

Pray that, I’ll be protected from Shaytan’s whisper to my heart, and pray that I’ll be able to control my nafs, emotion as a Muslim should be. Ameen.  



Monday Random Talk: Puzzled

Teringat waktu dulu, ketika itu waktu malam, dalam pukul 8.30 malam mungkin, family dan saya decide untuk takeout KFC for our dinner. Area bangunan sekitar tu agak lengang, xramai orang. My mum tengah tunggu pekerja tu untuk bungkus KFC, saya dan adik saya bawa yang mana disiap dibungkus ke kereta, saya mendahului. Tapi bila sampai kereta, berkunci. Ayah masih dengan mak kat dalam KFC. Jadi adik saya bergegas ke dalam KFC untuk amek kunci kereta.tinggal la saya keseorangan dekat kereta. Ayah park kereta kat depan KFC, so macam ley je la nampak diorang kat dalam tu. but, mind you, I was alone, no one outside in sight. Sunyi giler kawasan tu.

Nak dijadikan cerita, tengah saya tunggu kat luar kereta tu, saya ada perasan, orang melambai. oh, bukan melambai yang style cerita hantu tu, ni melambai gaya kecemasan. Macam minta pertolongan. Lelaki. Saya dah cuak. Betul ke kecemasan? Ada apa2 xkena ke dengan lelaki tu? Patut ke pergi alert ayah saya untuk tolong orang tu. Tapi tengah dalam delima tu, family saya dah sampai ke kereta dan beransur pulang. Tak terkeluar satu ayat pun apa yang saya nampak, kepada family saya.

Hati rasa xsedap. Menyesal, rasa bersalah kalau betul2 itu adalah kecemasan. Tapi, rasa macam nak lari je dari tempat tu, sebab..yelah, dunia xsebaik yang disangka. Rasa macam prioriti keselamatan family diutamakan dari lelaki tu. Rasa xbest, sebab rasa selfish.

Tapi…bila fikir balik…

1. Lelaki tu melambai macam minta tolong, expresi muka memang rasa macam ada kecemasan, tapi…kalau betul dia nak mintak tolong, kenapa dia tak jerit “tolong”? well…mungkin bisu? wallhualam.

2. Lelaki itu datang dari lorong gelap, dan, berhenti di depan lorong itu, melambai untuk pertolongan. kalau betul dia nak minta tolong, dia boleh je berlari ke arah public, pi masuk KFC,7eleven, untuk minta call police etc. xjauh pun, hanya berbelas tapak je nak pi masuk premise2 tersebut. Sebelah je kot. like, literally.

3. Katakanlah, saya atau family member pergi ke arah lelaki itu dan tetiba kalau ade kawan dia yang menyerbu, ugut, dicederakan, worse..murder etc….naya tak?

4. lepas naik kereta, sempat menjengah kebelakang untuk tengok keadaan lelaki itu, tapi guess what…semua ‘aksi’ kecemasan dah takde. Dan lelaki itu terus berdiri di depan lorong gelap itu. It left me puzzled.

susah la. tak tahu apa yang betul.

kalau betul kecemasan, memang berdoa agar Allah tolong permudahkan urusan lelaki tu.

tapi kalau dah rasa ragu2, better selamatkan nyawa sendiri dan family.

korang kalu di situasi macam ni apa yang korang akan buat?

in my “calm” state, i should call police. tapi dalam keadaan yang macam bingung, blank tu, memang tak teringat pun nak take any action.

oh well.

may Allah protect us from the evil of Shaytan, Jinn and human.

may Allah forgive us.


Monday Random Talk: melepek

when I finally move around like a normal person does, I collapse.

after being dormant for a month, just laying around in the house, sitting on chair for studies and rarely goes outside from home for more than a month, when the class resume, I collapse.

Tak faham apa yang penat sangat. Hanya ikut Dr kesana-sini untuk 5 jam, bukanlah aktiviti yang strenous pun, tapi bila habis kelas, aku mengeletar. Balik rumah. makan. tidur. melepek, for the rest of the day. Omwok Dr kasi dibuat dari atas katil.  

Akibat jarang keluar rumah dan jarang bergerak.

i worry for my future. 😦