Monday Random Talk: Smartphone


All member in my family have smartphone, except my dad.

the reason being: it’s too big to stuff inside the pocket. does not look cool. it’ll stick out.

So, I’m in hunt in looking for screentouch smartphone that small enough to fit into his trouser’s pocket. giving suggestions that might interest him, but…my dad is bit picky bout his gadget. even if iPhone, blackberry, and some nokia, samsung phone can barely fit his pocket, he doesn’t seem interested in buying one.

He told me, “there’s no need of rushing getting one, as the one he have now is in quite good condition,”. And sees no point of having one, as, if it’s for work, he already had laptop and dslr camera with him everywhere he go. so yeah, the phone is really just for communication.

hearing that, made me think of “need vs want”. where all his needs already satisfied, there’s no actually the need of buying one. if my dad happens to buy one, then it’ll be the desire not the need. so here, the “need” wins!

as long he’s happy.


  • kene muhasabah diri untuk berfikir panjang sebelum membuat keputusan untuk menghabiskan duit seperti air.
  • baru-baru ni ade member naikkan issue pasal claim duit buku MARA tak masuk lagi, dan persoalannya perlukah kita menuntut duit buku tu. Kemudian sahabat saya menyatakan bahawa duit buku tu tak termasuk dalam final year, jadi kalau kita claim duit buku tu pun, kita akan dapat duit tu, tapi akan dimasukkan dalam surat hutang itu. Terima kasih sahabat kerana memberi pencerahan pasal ini. Sebab saya tak tahu pasal ini, kalau tak, saya pun ikut join claim duit buku tu. huhu…takpe la susah sekarang. ngee…

edited 28/3/14 : apparently duit buku yg akan diclaim ni adalah part of contract, so there should be no additional charge, or so, what I was informed. thanks Lina for enlightment!