Some stuffs at driving school

WARNING : This is a “quite” silent bragging post.  I advice you to not read if you hate it. Exercise caution, as you might want to punch something while reading this post.

I went to driving school at this age. 26. not young, compared to others, 16-22 years old. but not that old. As there are some makcik n pakcik over 40, but they are cool.

As usual, while waiting for the teachers to come, or while idling, I did have a chat with some candidate there, and then the age topic come. When said, I was shocked, she also shocked. We both thought that we each other at similar age. while in truth, i’m the older than her. oh well. nothing change.

Then the driving instructor. while asking my age, he saw my IC picture, and asked if I haven’t change my IC yet, so I told him it was taken 2-3 years ago and he said ” muka cam ni umur 24 tahun?”. and laugh. What does it mean by that??? huhu…tau la selebet time tu..

On exam day, I wait for longgg time that I was exhausted at the end of the day because of the waiting.

It’s was especially tough for that day exams, as:

1. they changed the ‘format’ recently, like 2 weeks ago, the candidate had to use Viva instead of Kancil for in the litar test. So it was especially tough for parking test, as the parking size is made based on viva. Unlike during training, when using Kancil, the parking site felt bit bigger, but when use Viva, it felt smaller. And some parking technique is bit different (just a bit different) than when using Kancil vs Viva. So for those who not used to train with Viva, have difficulty and most of them failed. (for Parking, Z course and  the hill – not used to using Viva).

2. Spot check from HQ JPJ Johor. The Pengarah was here, and every officer and teacher were bit stressed over it. And thus, the officer for the test were bit “stricter” than usual (the teacher said so). So that must be one of the reason why many candidate failed ( the teacher said so too. Really, its not only 2-3 person, but 3/4 of us. Since the officer become more thorough, the exams that day is taken way longer than usual. usually by 11 a.m, some already tested on the road, but on that day, we started at 1 pm. I started mine at 3 pm.

3. The Director is funny person, while his escorts has this strict, stern face. I thought maybe because he is director, that he can joke around with us. He asked why the “angka giliran tag” is so big, then he asked his officer to take a picture of his with that big tag. He even asked the officer to take the picture twice. It did gave us a laugh while he was there. He asked why the candidate failed, directly to that person. He gave us some tips, and even said, “please pass, if not the school owner will be rich”. (and JPJ too? imagine, if failed 1 part, u had to pay RM200 for re-test, if you failed 2 part of the exam had to pay RM 400). The director also casually asked some questions to the candidate, (, i.e how many hour did you learnt, about the QTI and stuff) and while doing so, the teachers shedding cold sweats. Fortunately, the candidate gave ” correct” answer. If happened the candidate gave answer like, ” i only learnt 2 hour only,” to the question how many hour did you learnt, then the rest of the school staffs, the teachers, also the candidate will be burnt to nothing. lol.

4. I heard, maybe in few weeks, or next week maybe, the school will have to remove the guide post (tiang guide) from the course. Apparently, Mersing’s driving school is the only institute that still use the tiang guide in their track. Other driving school, like in Kota Tinggi, Kluang, and Johor had none of those tiang. When the teachers said that to us, those who failed become grumpier, “makin susah la cikgu!”. Laughingly the teachers said, ” nak buat camna, pengarah da suruh” I personally against the removing of those tiang, because it helped me so much, and that’s how I can pass the test.  And it happened in few months, maybe in March- April, once you failed in the track, you can’t go on with the next part (on the road test). Usually, once you failed the track, you can go on with the road test. so if the candidate pass the road, only had to repeat the failed one.

Despite all those drama in the track, Alhamdulillah, all praised to Allah…I passed. Alhamdulillah I passed without a hitch.

I am glad to “force” my instructor to help me trained in the track using Viva. And  I am very grateful for instructors who really, really help me, and giving tips and such…I can’t thank you enough. Your name shall be remembered (Cikgu Mohd, Cikgu Md Noor, Cikgu Rohaya, Cikgu Aziz, Cikgu Wandi, Cikgu Rukiman)

During waiting for my turn, I chat with several candidates…as usual…trying to remember the RPK and RSM…then talk about life, work…and during conversation, as a Malay, we can’t leave the honorific, so they usually called themselves “akak” when talking to me. I take no insult, but felt good. lol. So as usual (like what happened earlier), when the age topic came, most of them gasp. I expect that reaction, so I asked, “what age do you think I am ” , and they said they thought 16, but since 16 can’t take licence yet, they thought maybe I was student who waits for SPM result. It turns out, they are just 20~23 years old.

I can’t lie, I did feel good when people mistakes me as younger person.

that’s why I wrote this post. to exercise my bragging right. lol.

tho, thinking back…it must be my make-up, that makes me looks young. Dang it… huhu… :S