be kind

Greetings, folks.

It’s always in my belief to be kind to those who’s sedated. who unable to reply anything when asking etc. i usually will greet and told the pt that i will take his/her blood despite being sedated. some will frown on me, as they said “patient tak tahu pun”. but I always belief, as long as he alive, his consciousness still around. Though I never knew how it is, until, I spoke to a patient of mine.

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She was newly diagnose with Hodgkin Lymphoma last year and just started with chemotherapy. she was diagnosed last year at late stage, with complication of superior vena cava obstruction with pericardiac effusion. Pericardiocentesis was performed, however complication occurs resulting rupture of the ventricle in which proceed to thoracostomy. Miraculously, as Allah will, she survived.

She told me her experience after being told about her diagnosis, how devastated she was and her experience when intubated and sedated. Indeed, she can’t open her eyes, nor moves. But she listen and knows. She appreciate what the nurses did to her, as they always greet her and informed her if they want to clean her up, do the bedding, etc.She listens to those who visits her. She receives blessing from people around. She’s grateful and in debt. Now, she’s underwent treatment with positive vibe, not giving up her life, as she stills have her newborn daughter and close-knit family.

So be kind, colleague. Even though they are sedated, unresponsive, they still human.