It’s the end, but a new beginning has started.

Well, before this page is filled with entrys regarding Pingu’s activities, its already reaceed to its end. Where we had to disband to form another usrah group due to certain circumstances.

I feel bad bout it, as we will no longer doing things together anymore. But no worries, as it does not mean its an end to everything. It’s not like we put a big “DOT” there, but rather a “COMA” to our sisterhood, as when we put a big DOT, it just means we are not here in the world anymore.  And also, with the disband of Pingu’s Usrah, it also does not meant we do not see each other at all, but still I’ll be missing my usrahmates. Miss all your naughty haughty jokes and such.Thank You guys for being such a great mates!  Your existance is so valueable that it is not replaceable.

And thus, a new beginning!!! I welcome all my new usrah group mates. I hope we got along well in the future. Able to enjoy our time together and sharing lessons together from the usrah. Well, whatever it is, i’m looking forward to it!

For this page, I dont intend to change it’s name, i’ll stick to “Usrah Pingu” page! And I’ll try my best to share something that i got from the usrah. hehe…


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